lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015

Artes que Cuentan : Artistas que Cuentan Exposicíon Daniel Lergon Particule Traces

At  Ivorypress C/ Comandante Zorita, 46-48 Madrid Spain
 from 24/11/2015  to 16/01/2016

Daniel Lergon. Particle Traces

 The show features several works on paper painted with different metal powders.

 @ Daniel Lergon.  Photo: Matthias Kolb, courtesy Ivorypress

The metal particles trace the way and the dynamic with which the brush has moved across the paper, which is emphasised by giving the compositions a physical density and presence that couldn’t be achieved by a thick patch of paint. These particles give the works a presence that is at times fluid, at times solid, but always an evidence of movement.

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