jueves, 1 de abril de 2021

Artes que Cuentan : Artistas que cuentan Arts at CERN presents Black Quantum Futurism

 A new artwork based on "CPT symmetry and violations" exploring the possibilities that quantum physics offers beyond the limitation of traditional linear notion of time with the artists :

Camae Ayewa & Rasheeddah Phillips

Their work focuses on personal cultural, familial & communal cycles experience & their expression methods rang from writing, music & film to visual art.

 Read more :  https://www.blackquantumfuturism.com/

An open door to "mother of intergenerational Healing & Rage

 by Joy Yeide KTM To know more about :

 http://blackwomxntemporal.schloss-post.com/    _

  A black Space Agency project to discover  _


To let us be with a generation of researchers
 the music & words & vibrations.
with Linton Kwesi Johnson 

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